Achieving the Perfect Nose with Rhinoplasty

Achieving the Perfect Nose with Rhinoplasty


When it comes to making cosmetic changes to parts of our face, noses feature very highly. The shape and size of our nose are largely determined by our genetics, although injuries and illnesses can also affect the way our nose looks. If you are lucky, your nose will be in proportion to your other features and complement your overall appearance. However, not everyone gets the nose that they feel suits them best. 


Unsurprisingly, hiding our nose is almost impossible thanks to its central location on our face. Although cosmetics can be used to slightly alter its appearance, any more drastic and/or permanent changes will necessitate a surgical procedure that is known as a rhinoplasty or nose job. 


What is Rhinoplasty?


Also known as a nose job, a rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most complexes of all facial cosmetic surgeries. This is because even very slight adjustments to the shape, size, or overall look of your nose can significantly change your appearance. This means that it is essential to choose a surgeon who has plenty of experience and proven skill in handling nose jobs. The goal of any successful rhinoplasty is to create subtle changes that enhance and improve the appearance of your nose, but that makes it nearly impossible for people to determine you’ve had any surgical alterations. 


There are several different types of rhinoplasty which are based on the primary goal that you hope to achieve by undergoing surgery. These are as follows:


Reduction rhinoplasty. As its name suggests, the aim of this rhinoplasty is to reduce the overall size of your nose. This involves reducing the amount of bone and cartilage in your nose, as well as reshaping the bridge and tip so that it remains in proportion. 


Augmentation rhinoplasty. This rhinoplasty is usually recommended for patients who need to have the size or shape of their nose increased, such as if they have a flattened nose due to injury. The opposite of reduction and rhinoplasty, bone, and cartilage are taken from another part of your body and grafted onto your nose in order to create a stronger and more defined structure. The nasal cavities may also be adjusted, with height and width increased in order to open up the airway. For this reason, augmentation rhinoplasty is usually recommended for patients who are experiencing respiratory issues as a result of their natural nose shape.


Rhinotip. This type of rhinoplasty only focuses on making adjustments to the nostrils and very tip of the nose, leaving the bridge alone. This makes it ideal for patients who are unhappy with having upturned or hooked noses.


Septorhinoplasty. A septorhinoplasty is used to correct issues with the small bit of cartilage separating the nostrils, called the septum. It could be that the septum has collapsed, or that it doesn’t divide the nostrils equally, causing respiratory problems. 


Exactly what will happen in your rhinoplasty procedure will depend on the type of rhinoplasty you are having. However, your surgery will always be carried out using a general anesthetic, ensuring that you are asleep for the duration of the procedure. Your surgeon will then give you specific advice relating to the best way to prepare yourself for your surgery and what to expect from your recovery. 


Candidacy for Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty procedures have to be planned extremely carefully, with your surgeon fully understanding what your concerns are with your natural nose and what you would like to achieve. This information, combined with looking at images of previous surgeries, will enable you to work together to find the perfect improvements to your nose to restore your confidence in your appearance. 


Your surgeon will also need to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo the surgery and that you have realistic expectations for its outcome. This will all be discussed with you at your consultation. 




For more information about how to achieve the perfect nose with rhinoplasty, or to schedule your own confidential consultation with our expert surgical team in Plano, TX, please contact us today. 

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