man with hair transplant



​​​​​​​This procedure, one of the most common of all, is transforming. Contours may be altered to become more shapely or defined.

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If you've begun to notice bags under your eyes or excess skin in the upper lids, you may be a candidate for this surgery...


One of our chief interests is rhinoplasty or nose jobs... the most common of which is a reduction rhinoplasty or making the nose smaller or removing the hump.

Face Lift

Aging is clearly not our best friend, me included! But we have the ability to remove that lax skin under general anesthesia or under twilight anesthesia, whichever you prefer.

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There is a whole range of creams and procedures that will help your face after surgery. If you want to invest wisely, then check out the nonsurgical options that can delay the need for surgery or enhance the surgical effects of surgery you've already done.

SmartGraft Technology

Unfortunately, for too many men, hair loss is a reality they are forced to live and deal with. Many of the previous technologies require invasive surgery or procedure. Rather than using the traditional scalpel approach, SmartGraft utilizes the latest technology to restore your hair in less time than other approaches.

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