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SmartGraft Technology

Unfortunately, for too many men, hair loss is a reality they are forced to live and deal with. Many of the previous technologies require invasive surgery or procedure. These surgeries can leave scars across the back of the scalp. In addition, these procedures are often difficult to recover from. The recovery time is typically very slow and painful. Fortunately, SmartGraft now offers a way for men to regain their youthful appearance without pain, scars, and long healing times.

Understanding SmartGraft

Rather than using the traditional scalpel approach, SmartGraft utilizes the latest technology to restore your hair in less time than other approaches. Patients can typically return to work in a day or two, and the results look and feel natural.

SmartGraft utilizes FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology. This technology uses your own hair and can be completed in a single visit.

While hair loss happens for a variety of reasons; genetics, medications, or disease, SmartGraft can restore your hair. SmartGraft works by taking one to four hair follicles from a healthy portion of your hair and then graft that hair into the problem areas. This produces healthy and natural hairlines with your real hair. In addition, because this technology works on a microscopic level, there is no noticeable scarring that occurs with other methods.

SmartGraft will work for both men and women and patients of any race or background.

Benefits of SmartGraft

When compared with other hair restoration procedures, there are several important benefits of SmartGraft. If you are already convinced that SmartGraft is the procedure for you, call our offices today to schedule your consultation. If you need a little more convincing, maybe understanding the benefits can help!

A Natural Look – SmartGraft utilizes your natural hair in order to fill in areas that lack the fullness that you want. This results in a full head of hearing that looks and feels like your hair because IT IS your natural hair!
Minimal Scarring – SmartGraft utilizes microscopic technology to remove and graft the hair. This means that there is minimal damage to your scalp, and this gives you the results you want without the scarring caused by other traditional approaches.

One Procedure, One Time – Instead of scheduling a series of appointments that gradually result in a full looking scalp, a single office visit is all that you need. This results in less time scheduling, traveling, and healing from your procedures. In just one visit, you can get restore your hairline to your and regain a youthful appearance.

Minimal Downtime – Once your procedure has been completed, you don’t want to spend days or weeks recovering from a procedure. SmartGraft has patients back to their normal routine within a day or two. This means that it takes less time out of your life to get the look that you want.

Permanent Results – Some hair loss treatments only work while you continue to take medication or visit the office. SmartGraft only requires a single visit, with minimal downtime to get permanent results.

Getting Your Results

If you think that SmartGraft is the right procedure for you, call the offices of Scott Harris today. After you call and we verify that SmartGraft is right for you, your procedure will be scheduled. After the procedure is completed, you will be released to go home but can return to your normal schedule in as little as a day. In about three months, you will begin to notice your results, and within a year, the full results will be visible.


Call Scott Harris’ office today to schedule your consultation. Our professional and experienced staff can get you on the path to the hair that you want!​​​​​​​

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