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​​​​​​​This procedure, one of the most common of all, is transforming. Contours may be altered to become more shapely or defined.

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The abdominoplasty is also known as a tummy tuck. The extra skin is removed revealing lax muscles that can be made snug-- flattening the abdominal wall.

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Arm Lifts

In this procedure, the excess upper arm skin (and sometimes fat) is removed, while leaving the proportions of upper to forearms intact.

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Thigh Lift

The chief two areas improved are the inner thighs and the outer thighs. While a scar is necessary, it is typically a worthwhile trade for the gains made in tight skin.

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Lower Body Lifts

The lower body lift removes unwanted skin and fat from the midsection. It is performed around the waist or thighs tightening the loose skin in these areas.

Post Bariatric Surgery

In the wake of significant weight loss, excess skin abounds frequently. This excess may be removed in multiple areas, making the patient delight in the newfound body that was hiding below.

Brazilian Buttlifts (BBL)

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