Candidacy for Facial Rejuvenation and Treatment Options

Candidacy for Facial Rejuvenation and Treatment Options

However old you might feel on the inside, our faces invariably betray our true age much faster than any other part of our appearance. This can be frustrating, particularly if you are unfortunate enough to be hit hard by the aging process. 


While there are many different products that make claims that they can turn back time and reverse some of the visible effects of aging, the truth is that there are limitations in what they can do. Many people find that the results are mediocre and that continued use is necessary to have any chance at sustaining the results that they desire. As such, an increasing number of people are turning to cosmetic surgery and in particular, facial rejuvenation treatments, which provide more effective and longer-lasting results that enable you to look younger and feel more confident in your own skin. 


What is Facial Rejuvenation?


Facial rejuvenation is a single or series of cosmetic treatments that aim to address some of the most common signs of aging, restoring a more youthful appearance to your face. Facial rejuvenation can include both invasive (surgical) and non-invasive (non-surgical) treatments. Some of the most common facial rejuvenation treatments include:


Facelift. This is a surgical treatment that works by pulling the skin on the face tighter, lifting the area around the jaw, reducing heavy browns, and making the face appear firmer, smoother, and younger.  


Neck lift. The skin on the neck is easily affected by aging and gravity, causing it to become lax and loose. When this happens, it can make us look older than we really are. Neck lift surgery focuses on tightening the skin, making it smoother, and the contours more defined. 


Cheek lift. With advancing age, loss of elasticity in the skin across the cheeks can cause them to sage. A cheek lift restores the plumper, more youthful appearance of this area of your face. 


Blepharoplasty. Also known as eyelid rejuvenation, blepharoplasty is a very popular treatment that seeks to refresh the appearance of the skin around the eyes and plump the area out so that they don’t appear sunken. It is particularly effective at reducing the appearance of bags under the eyes, as well as wrinkles, lines, and folds. 


Dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are an extremely common choice for patients who feel that their faces have lost volume with age, and as a result, the skin is sagging and has developed creases, folds, lines, and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are non-invasive and involve a filling substance – usually hyaluronic acid or similar – being injected into the face. Most fillers work by replenishing the hyaluronic acid levels in the skin and pulling in moisture to create a plumping, smoothing effect. This treatment is particularly effective at reducing early signs of aging, such as plumping out thin lips and eliminating lines. The results of dermal fillers usually last between four and six months before further treatment is required. 


Botox. Botox is another injectable treatment, but rather than plumping out the skin, it works by preventing the muscles from lying under the skin from contracting. In doing so, the overlying skin is also frozen in place, causing it to look smoother and firmer. Botox has multiple uses, but is particularly effective in the top half of the face, addressing frown lines, forehead furrows, crow’s feet, etc. Again, results are temporary and repeated treatments will be needed to sustain the results. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Rejuvenation?


Just like any other medical procedure, you will need to have your candidacy for any facial rejuvenation procedure thoroughly assessed before you can undergo treatment. This involves both a physical evaluation of your face and the issues that you are experiencing so that your cosmetic specialist can determine if the treatments that you are interested in will be effective.


Typically, patients who are found to be good candidates for facial rejuvenation have:

  • heavy or sagging brows, cheeks or jowls

  • lost volume in their face

  • lines, wrinkles, and folds in their skin

  • lost volume from their lips and the area around their mouth

  • sunken eyes

  • sagging skin on their neck

  • good general health


However, the exact criteria that you will need to meet will depend on the facial rejuvenation procedure that you are interested in. 



For more information about facial rejuvenation procedures or candidacy requirements, please get in touch with our office in Plano, TX where our expert team would be delighted to help. 

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