Defining Your Face with Cheek and Chin Augmentation

Defining Your Face with Cheek and Chin Augmentation

The appearance of your chin and cheeks is vital because they give structure to the other features on your face. They create definition, symmetry, and define balance. Together with your jawline, these two features determine your unique profile. If you desire to have more definition in your chin and cheek area, a doctor can perform nonsurgical augmentation to enhance them.


Augmenting Your Chin


Several conditions may cause you to want chin augmentation:


A Projected or Recessed Chin


The plastic surgeon fixes this type of chin by adding fillers or an implant to improve your profile.


A Dimpled Chin


Your chin may dimple if you have a hyperactive mentalis muscle that suppresses the appearance of your chin. The chin starts to sag, taking on an undesirable dimple look. To correct this, the doctor may recommend a combination of Botox and fillers to fill out your chin, making it more prominent.


Your Chin Became Small


If you have a prominent chin that got smaller with time, you qualify for chin augmentation. As you get older, the jawbone, called the mandible, starts to get smaller. You also lose fat around the chin and mouth. These changes cause wrinkling and thinning of the mouth and jowl area, making your chin obscure. But, the doctor can reverse these changes with injectable fillers. Placed along your chin and around your mouth, the fillers add volume to this area. Your skin stretches, and your chin projects, making you look younger.


For a Defined Chin


Both the male and female clientele love to have a chiseled and defined chin. It improves the symmetry of their faces, making them look more attractive. Mentoplasty, or chin implant surgery, may help give you this chin. The outcome is a more prominent, projected, and larger chin. The chin gives the face more definition.


Cheek Augmentation


Cheek augmentation corrects the drooping and hollowed appearance of your cheeks. Sunken or hollow cheeks make you appear older. But, cheek augmentation replaces the fullness you lost courtesy of the aging process. Your cheeks become fuller, and your cheekbones more contoured. The result is a restoration of your beauty and youth.


Cheek augmentation is not only useful for cosmetic reasons. Persons with asymmetry or facial disfiguration may also benefit from the procedure.


What if the Outcome Does Not Please You?


We promise you incredible results. You are bound to like the outcome. Scot Harris, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has delivered remarkable outcomes for many patients. But, in the unlikely event that you don’t like your results, know that most dermal fillers are reversible. If you changed your mind, the plastic surgeon uses an injectable enzyme to bring down or completely erase your results. He may also take out any implants. But, we are confident that you will like the results.


What to Expect with the Procedure


Expect to see a significant improvement in the balance and shape of your face. Your features will be more prominent, and you will look younger.


Bring back the definition in your face, learn more about cheek & chin augmentation. Contact Scott Harris, MD in Plano, TX at (972) 736-9600.

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