Enhancing Your Lips with Lip Augmentation/Lift

Enhancing Your Lips with Lip Augmentation/Lift


There’s no doubt that full, plump lips are one of the most desirable features of the decade. Fortunately, if you haven’t been blessed with a naturally perfectly juicy pout there are options to help you achieve the luscious lips that are so on-trend right now. You can now enhance your lips with either lip augmentation or lip lift procedures and if you choose to do so, you won’t be alone. It’s estimated that a lip procedure is performed in the United States every 20 minutes! 


What is Lip Augmentation?


Lip augmentation is the most common choice of patients looking to boost the size and plumpness of their pout. Conventional lip augmentation – aka getting lip fillers – is a minimally-invasive procedure during which substances are injected directly into the lips to increase their size. Depending on the type of filler you choose, the substance can be natural or synthetic. Most patients prefer to use lip fillers where the main substance is collagen or hyaluronic acid, which are both naturally-occurring and so won’t be rejected by the body. 


Numbing cream is used in all injectable procedures where requested, including lip augmentation. This helps to prevent discomfort. The fillers themselves are injected using an ultra-fine needle anyway, which prevents scarring and is so thin that patients barely feel them, even without anesthetic being used. Lip fillers typically last around 6 months before further treatment is required to maintain the results. 


What is a Lip Lift?


A lip lift, also known as a lip flip, is an alternative cosmetic treatment that can still enhance the size and appearance of your lips, but without using filler placed directly into them. There are several types of lifts. One is performed using Botox, which is injected into the area above the top lip to relax the muscles and ‘flip’ your top lip upwards, making it look fuller. This is the procedure most often known as the lip flip. Botox usually lasts around 4 to 6 months before further treatment is needed to maintain its effects. 


A surgical lip lift is another option. This is where an incision is made under the nose and the skin is shortened in order to pull the top lip upwards and make it look plumper. The incision is made as small as possible to prevent scarring and ensure that there are no tell-tale signs of the procedure. Unlike other lip augmentation techniques, a surgical lip lift yields results that are permanent. 


When to Consider a Lip Enhancement Procedure?


You may wish to consider a lip enhancement procedure if you can say ‘yes’ to any of the following statements:

  • You have naturally thin lips

  • You feel like your lips disappear when you smile

  • You feel that your lips have become thinner with age

  • You feel self-conscious about your lips

  • You don’t feel as though you can wear lipstick or lip gloss and draw attention to your lips and smile

  • You feel that having fuller lips will balance out your face and other features

  • Your self-confidence would improve if your lips were fuller


If you are considering a lip enhancement procedure, schedule a consultation with Scott Harris, MD in Plano, TX who will be able to assess your suitability and will explain to you which type of treatment is the best option to align you with your esthetic goals. 

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