Getting a Brow Lift

Getting a Brow Lift

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a procedure used to correct sagging on the forehead and eyebrows. It also reduces wrinkles, giving you a dynamic and youthful look.


Why Get a Brow Lift


Your decision to get a brow lift should be personal. The problem with aging is that it typically forces your forehead skin to sag. In that event, the skin loses its elasticity, and the distance between your eyebrows and lashes becomes short.

A sagging brow makes you look angry, sick, or tired most of the time. Lifting your eyebrows will give you a much more energetic and youthful look. It will improve your social life because you will be more approachable and no longer perceived as angry. Most importantly, lifting your brows will give you confidence and improve your self-esteem.


What to Expect From a Brow Lift Surgery


A perfect and natural-looking procedure requires a surgeon with tons of knowledge and experience in the field. It would help if you asked for the photo gallery to get a sense of what to be expected. You must choose a surgeon who has been certified by the American Board of Cosmetic surgery.

A brow lift can either be done in a hospital or an outpatient health facility. It is a minor procedure; hence will take around two hours. Most of the time, the patient is given local anesthesia, but if it makes you comfortable, you can ask for general anesthesia, which makes you sleep through the whole procedure.

An incision is then made around the eyebrows, which enables the tissue muscles beneath to be adjusted. This procedure corrects the furrows and folds on the forehead. Incision procedures differ depending on the patient’s facial structure (for instance, long foreheads), what the doctor is comfortable with, and what the patient prefers.

The doctor finally closes the incision, and results are visible after a few weeks of swelling and bruising.




Being a minor surgery, recovery is expected in a few weeks. However, it varies depending on the type of surgery. Typically, patients experience very little pain and swelling before full recovery. However, patients should not be alarmed if they experience a little bit of tightness and discomfort during the first few days of recovery.

Smoking is prohibited before and after surgery because it causes excessive bleeding. The cosmetic surgeon will also advise you on things to avoid during this time.

It is encouraged that the patient is very gentle on the incisions when taking showers or cleaning his or her face. After a week into your recovery, you are advised to consult your doctor on what is safe for application on your face when it comes to makeup, lotions, and facial creams.

It is also essential that the patient consider a limited work schedule to avoid tiring his or her brows. If the brows are overworked, the recovery process will be slowed down. Once you feel no pain and no longer taking any prescribed pain relievers, you are good to resume your regular work schedule.


Whether you want to maintain your youthful look or are bothered by the aging effect of your forehead to your brows, you can visit Scott Harris, MD, and his team today in Plano, Texas, or call (972) 736-9600 to schedule an appointment.

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