How Long Does BBL Last, and How to Maximize Results?

How Long Does BBL Last, and How to Maximize Results?

When you get plastic surgery to enhance your body, it feels fantastic, especially after healing from the surgery. You look in the mirror, look terrific, and you also feel amazing. Your confidence shoots off the roof when you see people notice you. Your self-esteem also grows in bounds. This is especially true when you get a well-done Brazilian butt lift, BBL.

However, you may wonder how long you will look this good. It is a common question that most plastic surgery clients ask, especially after they see the results. The answer: It may last you a long time.

How Long Does a BBL Last?


A BBL is a unique procedure because your plastic surgeon uses fat from your body to reshape your butt. The result is that you can eliminate areas of fat from your waist and the shape of your butt improves. They mostly use liposuction to extract the fat from a specific part of your body to transfer it to your butt. It will take about six months after the procedure to fully realize the impact of the surgery. 

However, the amount of new fat cells that will survive in your butt depends on several factors. Many plastic surgeons agree that the procedure results vary from what the clients do immediately after the procedure. They also agree that the actions of their patients long after the process affect its durability. 

How Can You Maximize Results?

Do Not Smoke


Smoking is a bad habit all on its own. However, after BBL surgery, it is not allowed at all. Smoking tobacco affects your body’s ability to heal correctly and quickly. It does this by restricting and hindering the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the new fat cells in your butt. Because the fat cells are unknown, the body needs to establish a new blood supply to the area, and smoking usually affects this process.

Do Not Sit


After the procedure, you should keep as much weight off your butt for at least three to four weeks. Sitting will squish your new fat cells, which can lead to a failure of the procedure. You cannot spend all your days on your feet, so plastic surgeons recommend using a BBL pillow. If you do not have one, you can use a rolled-up towel. Both will take pressure off your butt when you are sitting. 



Hydration is critical in the healing process, especially after a BBL. You can drink any water, but your plastic surgeon may recommend water with Himalayan salt. You can also use Gatorade or Smart water for about eight weeks after the procedure. 

Feed your New Butt


Ensure your diet is balanced and full of nutrients to help your body feed the new fat cells. Include healthy fats in your diet, such as avocados, salmon, extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, and coconut oil.



Just like sitting, you should avoid sleeping on your butt. Sleeping on your stomach for at least two months would be best.

For more on how long your potential BBL may last and how to maximize results, call Scott Harris, MD in Plano (972) 736-9600 to discuss any questions or schedule a consultation.


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