How Long D­oes Liposu­­ction Last?

How Long D­oes Liposu­­ction Last?

Liposuction is a major cosmetic surgery that removes unwanted or stubborn fat in particular parts of your body. Your plastic surgeon will sculpt and contour the targeted area of your body. They will do so to remove fat cells permanently.


The procedure entails making tiny incisions on the area that needs treatment. A cannula is inserted into the incision and under the skin to loosen fat through a back-and-forth motion. A syringe or a surgical vacuum then suctions the dislodged fat from your body. Your specialist will ensure you remain comfortable throughout by administering some medications. They may use local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation.


Read on to learn more about liposuction and how long it lasts.


Reasons People Get Liposuction


Most individuals who get liposuction do it to remove fat from the parts of their body that have not responded to exercise or diet. The common areas of the body that receive treatment are often:

  • The abdomen

  • The neck

  • Chin

  • Upper arms

  • Thighs

  • Hips

  • Ankles

  • Calves

  • Buttocks

  • Back

  • Chest

Liposuction sometimes helps in treating gynecomastia or in breast reduction.


How Long a Liposuction Procedure Takes


A liposuction procedure can take several hours, depending on the surgeon and the patient getting the treatment. The time taken will also depend on the much liposuction required to achieve the desired results.


For example, it can take the surgeon around 20 minutes to complete work on the neck. But on other parts, like the lower belly, work can take one hour. The surface area and the amount of fat to be removed also determine the length of the procedure.


Liposuction Recovery


Recovery from a liposuction procedure can take one to six weeks, depending on the part of your body that received the treatment. The larger the treatment area, the longer it will take to recover. You can minimize complications and swellings by following post-operation instructions. Patients often resume their daily routines after four to six weeks of healing.


How Long Liposuction Results Last


The unique nature of fat cells makes liposuction a procedure that produces permanent results. But in the future, you can still gain weight in the areas that received the treatment if you are not keen on modifying your diet and eating habits.


How Fat Develops in Your Body


The body has a specific amount of fat cells that get set and distributed before you become an adult. The fat cells become smaller and increase. You also lose and gain weight in that order. Thus, an individual can have some parts of their body that do not shed fat quickly while other areas do.


Liposuction removes fat cells forever. However, those that remain in the treated area can still grow and expand in the future. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will do their best to ensure they properly contour the treated part of your body. Doing so will help the treated part remain proportionate to your entire body if you gain weight.


Liposuction changes the shape of your body but is not a weight loss procedure. The change is permanent, and the fat cells removed can never return. However, you should maintain weight to ensure the remaining fat cells do not become large.


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