How Much Weight Can I Lose With a Mommy Makeover?

How Much Weight Can I Lose With a Mommy Makeover?

A common misconception about plastic surgery is that it can be an ideal choice for weight loss. While it is true that you can lose weight with some procedures, many plastic surgeons and doctors recommend first doing some of the work yourself. The reason is that plastic surgery may cut some of your weight, but you will gain it again if you are not well prepared. 

One standard procedure that usually leads to this question is a mommy makeover. In a mommy makeover, you will often get multiple procedures done to help you restore a youthful body. The journey to motherhood will take a toll on every woman who sets upon it. But like other procedures, the effectiveness of weight loss from a mommy makeover depends on you.

What Is in a Mommy Makeover?


The procedure is continuously growing in popularity because of its ability to restore a pre-baby body for most women. It is instrumental in eliminating loose skin and stubborn fat and inducing fat and weight loss. So, what happens in a mommy makeover?

It includes several procedures happening simultaneously. Some of these are:

Tummy Tuck


A significant part of the mommy makeover is the tummy tuck. The tummy tuck focuses on the abdomen, eliminating excess skin and fat collected around the stomach over childbearing. Also, the tummy tuck does something else: It rebuilds the abdominal muscles that tear during pregnancy and birth. It helps restore the elasticity and structure of your stomach. You can lose some weight from this procedure.

Breast Augmentation


Some women lose volume and shape in their breasts after childbirth. Through this procedure, they can restore much of the volume lost. They can also have their breasts return to a more youthful shape. Although breast augmentation has significant aesthetic benefits, it usually does not affect your weight. 



Another critical aspect of the mommy makeover is the liposuction procedure. The procedure involves sucking out fat from specific areas of your body. Of all the mommy makeover procedures, this is the one that leads to the most dramatic weight loss. Despite this, plastic surgeons recommend that you get to your ideal weight before you get the procedure. It is because the procedure can only have a limited effect. 

Breast Reduction


Breast reduction is a procedure that deals with reducing the size of the breasts. Usually, women who had large breasts before pregnancy should deal with larger breasts after. The procedure aims at reducing the discomfort that comes with larger breasts. The second procedure in the mommy makeover can lead to weight loss. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose?


While quick weight loss is enticing, it is more complex than most people think. Before you have a procedure that reduces your body fat, you should reach an ideal weight. Getting to a perfect weight does two things: It prepares your body for weight loss and builds a better lifestyle. 

When you are at an ideal body weight, a mommy makeover can lead to a loss of between five and seven pounds. You can achieve phenomenal results if you have a good lifestyle with diet and exercise.

For more on how much weight you can lose with a mommy makeover, contact Scott Harris, MD, in Plano, TX at (972) 736-9600 today.

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