How to Choose the Right Implant Size and Shape for Your Body

How to Choose the Right Implant Size and Shape for Your Body

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even more so when looking at yourself. Some women's bodies change as they age and bear children. Others are not satisfied with the shapes of their bodies. A few decades ago, you would have had to live with the way your body is. Today, procedures like breast implants allow you to safely improve your body's aesthetics.

Breast implants are among the most common plastic surgery procedures. You can get the precise size and shape of breasts that fit your desired outcome. However, choosing these specifics can be a bit tricky. 

The Breast Implant Profile

A breast implant profile is one of the first things you must consider when choosing implants. It is the distance your implant will project from your breast wall. It is better measured and understood if you look at your body from the side. Factors like bra cup size and the implant base can affect the implant profile. 

The implant base width usually has a much larger projection. An implant with a large base will have a smaller projection. The cup size will also affect the projection, depending on how it correlates to the base size. 

Common Breast Implant Sizes

For many patients who choose to have breast implants, there is an average breast size that most of them choose. The average is between 500CC and 350 CC. You must consult your surgeon to know how these measurements compare to bra sizes. 

Despite these sizes being prevalent, it is not a sign that your implant should fall in the same range. It would be best if you considered other factors that will influence your choice. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the size:

Consider Your Body

When choosing an implant, consider your body size and shape proportions. Large breasts may seem like the ideal option for many, but your body may not be the best. When consulting with your surgeon, you will usually have a mental picture and maybe some internet photos of what you want. 

The surgeon will consider what you want and also your body proportions. They will then discuss with you what will work best for you. They may also offer alternative options you may need to be aware of.


Another critical factor to consider is your lifestyle. If you wish to keep an active lifestyle, larger implants can limit that. It is thus vital to balance your desire for aesthetics with the life you love to live. You do not want to look good and feel miserable; that is a poor outcome to aim for.

Think About Your Natural Breasts

When getting implants, you must get ones that complement and work with your natural breasts. Considering your natural breasts will give you a better idea of how much volume you want to add to your cup size. Also, you may require a breast lift and implants if your breasts are sagging.

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