Is a Botched Breast Surgery Fixable?

Is a Botched Breast Surgery Fixable?

When you are undergoing breast surgery, the last thing on your mind is the possibility of a second surgery. However, sometimes complications may arise that require revision surgery. Your breast implants may not look or feel as you desire. Whether it is inherent to the implants or a botched surgery, there are options to correct the results.


Fixing Botched Breast Surgery


Botched breast surgery can leave you with painful breasts, infection, leaking implants, and bleeding. It may be from results you did not desire or initially accepted but changed over time.


Sometimes, a surgeon may not have the skills to ensure that physical activity does not affect breast surgery. So before going for breast surgery, ensure that your doctor has the certification and the skills to do the surgery. Do your homework, go online, read reviews, and ask around.


Breast Revision Surgery

Fixing botched breast surgery requires the doctor to do a revision surgery. It improves the overall look and feel of the previous surgery. It usually entails more complications than the initial surgery. But it will fix some, if not all, issues successfully.


Reasons Revision Surgery Is Difficult

The first reason is the presence of scar tissue. Scar tissue causes changes in the breast structure that the surgeon must have the skills to fix. Secondly, the doctor must calm the patients down and make them comfortable. They also must explain risks and the possibility of not getting the results they desire.


The doctor will help you understand the challenges. It will help you deal with unrealistic expectations.


Is There a Chance of Success?

Success in fixing a botched breast surgery hinges on communication and the discussions between the doctor and the patient before surgery. Ask questions and make sure you get a full, honest explanation of what to expect. It will help you appreciate the results more.


Another factor that determines success is the reason you desire the surgery. Sometimes, the technique to give you your desired results will not yield satisfactory or healthy results. The doctor may opt to use a procedure that gives better results. The different techniques may mean less scar tissue and deformity.


However, you may not like the results. If you have a doctor who takes the time to explain all the different possibilities, you will be ready. You will appreciate the results, and the surgery will be a success.


What Does Revision Surgery Involve?

Breast revision surgery may involve one or more of the following.

  • Removal of implants and replacement with new ones or a different size.
  • Reshaping and resizing the pockets that hold the implants.
  • Release of scar tissue.
  • Relocating the position of the implants from below the muscles to above.
  • Lifting the breasts.
  • Fat grafting.


Keep in mind that even though you go through breast revision surgery, some problems need time. The doctor will develop a treatment plan for you. It is not always possible to fix everything at once. Keep in mind that the goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve, not perfect.


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