Is SmartGraft® Hair Restoration Permanent?

Is SmartGraft® Hair Restoration Permanent?

Hair loss treatments can significantly impact an individual’s life, boost self-confidence and self-image. When you look good, you feel good. If you have a receding hairline or thinning hair follicles, the only permanent treatment is a hair transplant.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration


SmartGraft is a new hair loss technology that offers a practical option for hair restoration. The system was developed by experts who realized the importance of a treatment solution that did not leave scars. It uses a unique follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration process.

The highly advanced process is fast, and the device enables the harvesting of individual follicles from the donor section. The advanced technology produces dramatic and lasting results as it is a minimally invasive procedure ideal for both men and women. 

The Hair Restoration Procedure


SmartGraft involves using the patient’s hair to create the most natural results. The in-office procedure is comfortable, and the restoration can be completed in one visit. The handheld piece extracts, separates, and stores the hair grafts faster with less handling. 

The handheld device uses individual micro grafting which takes about five hours to complete, eliminating visible scarring. Many patients opt for this hair restoration method over other options as the recovery time is quick.

Benefits of SmartGraft Hair Restoration


Hair restoration is unique and has many benefits over other transplant procedures. The benefits include:

  • It results in a natural look by using the patient’s hair.

  • The procedure is safe, quick, and efficient.

  • There is minimal pain, and local anesthesia helps maximize comfort.

  • There are no stitches or staples, and there is no visible scarring.

  • It is an in-office procedure completed in a single visit.

  • There is little downtime, and recovery is fast.


Is the Hair Restoration Permanent?


SmartGraft hair restoration involves harvesting and implanting hair grafts into the bald sections. The result is thick, natural, and healthy-looking hair. The growth of the grafts in the bald or thinning areas creates a full head of hair. 

The system redistributes living hair from one part of the head to another, which continues to grow permanently and provides a more youthful appearance. 

The Results of the Restoration


SmartGraft hair restoration treatment allows the surgeon to frame the patient’s face by choosing the best areas to implant the grafts. Unlike traditional strip-harvest procedures, the hair can be harvested from different locations, including the face, chest, and back. The new hairs usually become apparent in about three months. A skilled and experienced surgeon can produce the best results.

To find out if you are a good candidate for SmartGraft hair restoration, consult the transplant surgeon. Most individuals who suffer from hair loss can benefit from the treatment. It is ideal for those who want to keep their hair short, but it can also work for those with long hair. 

To find out whether SmartGraft hair restoration is permanent, visit Scott Harris, MD, at our office in Plano, Texas. Call (972) 736-9600 to schedule an appointment today.

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