What to Expect When Recovering from a Mommy Makeover

What to Expect When Recovering from a Mommy Makeover

Going through pregnancy and childbirth can adversely impact the female body. Consequently, most women end up feeling insecure about their postpartum appearance. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery can help you get back your pre-pregnancy body through a customized mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Surgeries

A mommy makeover will typically involve several surgeries. The treatment is personalized, with each woman choosing the procedures they may need. Some women may need more surgeries than others depending on the desired results. 

The common surgeries in a mommy makeover are a breast lift, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Other popular procedures are labiaplasty and Brazilian butt lift. 

The Full Mommy Makeover

You can expect a lengthy recovery period if you choose to get a complete mommy makeover. Healing from a tummy tuck can take two to three months. After the first two weeks of bed rest, you will not be able to perform heavy tasks for weeks. Having round-the-clock help with home and childcare duties is necessary. 

A mini tummy tuck will only require two to four weeks of recovery. Having someone around during that period will help you avoid putting pressure on the incisions. Create a resting area with easy access to your medications, water, and snacks. 

Results of the Makeover

It is necessary to realize that the results of the makeover will not be immediately evident. The breasts and abdomen are swollen during the first two to six weeks. It is the body’s natural response to inflammation and aids in healing. 

The effect is temporary, and the size of the breasts and stomach will reduce as you recover. The postoperative swelling will continue to decrease as the tissues heal and settle. 

How Long Does Recovery Take?


Recovering from a mommy makeover will vary from patient to patient and depend on the procedures performed. The patient’s overall health, weight, and other factors will affect the recovery period. 

Most patients require two to three weeks of time off from work. After that, they can resume light duties but must avoid strenuous activities. Many patients notice immediate improvements after the surgery, but it can take six to 12 months to realize the full results.

Tips for Mommy Makeover Recovery


Some tips help in recovering from the makeover. Apart from taking time off work and getting help, you should create a comfortable space to relax. Be careful about what you wear and avoid activities during the recovery. Take plenty of time to rest so that you can recover well. 

Eat a healthy diet, ensure that you stay hydrated, and wear compression garments. You will need to sleep in a recliner or on your back to protect your breasts and tummy. Take medications as instructed and ensure you care for the incisions as directed. 

During the recovery, ensure that you engage in frequent light walks around the home but avoid heavy exercise. It will help promote proper circulation. Attend all the follow-up appointments as directed. 

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