Reversing Signs of Aging with Fillers

Reversing Signs of Aging with Fillers

Dermal fillers are a popular, minimally invasive cosmetic solution that aims to reverse visible signs of aging. As their name suggests, the way that they do this is by filling out the face with an artificial substance. In doing so, they cause the overlying skin to be pulled more tightly, smoothing out any lines and wrinkles and eliminating the appearance of sagging. 


In addition to being used to add volume to the face in order to turn back the clock, dermal fillers are also used to increase the size of the lips, these are known as ‘lip fillers’. 


Types of Fillers


The main ingredient used in fillers can vary, and within these, there are also a range of different brands created by specific manufacturers. The two main types of filler are as follows:


Collagen fillers: Collagen is the main ingredient in these fillers, which typically produce results that last between 3 and 4 months before further treatment is needed to maintain your new appearance. Collagen is a natural protein that is found in bone, cartilage, tendons, and skin. There are more than 25 different types within the human body. Collagen is essential for skin strength and elasticity. Collagen fillers will replace our original supply that diminishes with age, as well as helping the overlying skin to appear smoother and more youthful. And since it is a natural protein, there are relatively few side effects associated with this type of filler. 


Hyaluronic acid fillers: Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is the main ingredient in these fillers, which usually produce results lasting a maximum of 6 months, after which further treatment is necessary to maintain them. Hyaluronic acid is also a naturally-occurring substance, and its purpose is to bind water, give the skin volume, and lubricate the joints. As we get older, our natural HA levels are depleted and this causes the skin to become drier and thinner, and the loss of volume usually results in sagging skin. HA fillers replace the lost hyaluronic acid, binding to water in your skin to increase volume into the skin, eliminating the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and plumping out your face. 


The Process of Getting Fillers


Fillers are classed as a minimally-invasive treatment. This is because the filler itself is injectable, placed under the skin in very small volumes using a very fine needle. The sites for injection will be planned out in advance by your surgeon, who will also use their skill and experience to ensure that the filler is placed into the right locations to enable you to achieve the results that you are looking for. In most instances, fillers are placed in the lower half of the face as this is where most of the lost volume is experienced. 


Since the needle used to administer the fillers is so fine, many people don’t feel a thing. However, you will be given the option of topical or injectable anesthetic should you wish for it. This usually takes around 30 minutes for the injections to be administered.


Candidacy for Fillers


Before you can have dermal fillers, you’ll first need to attend a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon who will determine whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. Since the process doesn’t involve a general anesthetic or any incisions, there are far fewer restrictions relating to who can have the treatment.



For more information about reversing the signs of aging using fillers so that you can enjoy a more youthful appearance, please contact our experienced and discreet cosmetic plastic surgery team in Plano, TX. 

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