Tips to Maintain the Results From a Tummy Tuck

Tips to Maintain the Results From a Tummy Tuck

When you decide to get a tummy tuck, you are making a considerable investment in your appearance and overall well-being. You should ensure that you do what you can to maintain the results for as long as possible. 

Making simple lifestyle choices can ensure you enjoy your new look for years. Here are tips for maintaining the results from a tummy tuck.

Embrace a Healthy Diet


What you eat will determine how your body functions. Good nutrition is vital for maintaining the results of your tummy tuck. You should ensure that you embrace healthy eating months before the tummy tuck and continue after the procedure. 

A healthy and well-conditioned body will respond better to surgery. Being in optimal health will help you heal faster and maintain the results more effectively. Healthy meals contain nutrients that fuel the skin and body for recovery.

Get Regular Exercise 


It is vital to realize that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss treatment. You should try to be close to your ideal weight before the surgery to achieve the desired results. You also need to know that adding weight can reverse the results of your tummy tuck. 

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise will help you maintain the results. Exercise also helps boost healthy circulation, which is vital for healing. It helps reduce stress, build muscle, and improve the quality of sleep. 

Stay Well Hydrated  


Drinking plenty of water each day is vital for all body functions. Water is critical for healthy healing as it enhances circulation, promotes the transfer of nutrients, and helps clear waste. It is also essential for delivering oxygen throughout the body and helps keep the skin well hydrated. 

To maintain the surgery results, ensure you stay hydrated by drinking 50 percent of your body weight in ounces. Increase your water intake when you are very active. 

Get Adequate Sleep


Sleep is essential for allowing the body to rest and recharge. Sleep has therapeutic properties that improve brain and body functions. Your body will heal faster and much better if you get enough sleep each night. 

Recovery can be taxing on the body. During sleep, resources are used for healing, especially blood vessels and the heart. Getting eight hours of sleep will ensure that you heal optimally and help you maintain the results effectively.

Quit Smoking


If you smoke, you are not a good candidate for any surgery. Smoking increases your risk of complications during and after surgery. It can affect the body’s ability to recover after the procedure. 

To ensure proper healing, you must ensure the circulatory system functions at full capacity. Smoking reduces blood flow, which is essential for wound healing. It also increases the risk of infection. You will need to quit smoking weeks before your tummy tuck.  

Make sure you follow the instructions that you receive after the tummy tuck. The instructions will help ensure that you stay safe and maximize recovery. Other things you can do to maintain the results of a tummy tuck include reducing stress. Relax as much as possible to allow your body to recover fully. Ensure that your home is comfortable and you have the help you need during recovery. 

Wait until you are done having children before you get a tummy tuck. Pregnancy can reverse the results of the procedure. 

For more on maintaining the results of a tummy tuck, call Scott Harris, MD in Plano at (972) 736-9600 to schedule an appointment today.

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