Breast Augmentation in Plano, TX

Breast Augmentation in Plano, TX

THE BEST CANDIDATE: Patients bothered by the feeling their breasts are too small. Weight loss that has changed the size and shape of breasts. After having children, breast that has become smaller and less firm. One breast is noticeably smaller than the other.

PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION: A Breast Augmentation takes about 1-2 hours.

  • The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

  • Breast Augmentation can be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as liposuction or tummy tuck.

  • A small incision is made. Once the incision is made, the surgeon creates a pocket underneath the chest wall into which the implant is inserted.

  • Sutures are internal and dissolvable.

  • The patient is then wrapped in an ACE bandage until the post-op appointment where the patient is then placed in a bra. You will wear this bra for the first two weeks following surgery.


  • Mentor brand, round or high profile, smooth saline or silicone-filled implants are available. Our preference is to use smooth, round moderate or high profile implants.

  • The manufacturer guarantees the implants for a lifetime. There is a 10-year warranty for assistance up to $3500 should a deflation or ruptures occur.

  • What are the possibilities of leaks or rupture of the implant? There is a 1% chance per year of a saline implant rupturing and a 1/2% chance of a silicone rupture per year.


  • Discomfort is moderate to mild and will be lessened with the prescribed pain medication.

  • Arm use should be completely limited during the first week. This includes no driving, lifting or reaching. At one week normal daily activities may be resumed; vigorous exercise and weight lifting can be resumed at 4-6 weeks post-surgery.

  • Breast massage should begin at 2 weeks post-surgery: You will be given instructions on breast massage at your two-week appointment and continue to do this over a period of months while your body is healing.

  • Scars are permanent and should fade over time, but this takes up to one year. Do not incisions for one year.

RISKS/COMPLICATIONS—are infrequent and usually minor!

  • Hematoma: a collection of blood under the skin that must be removed by a surgeon.

  • Sensory changes of the breast and/or nipple.

  • Capsular contracture: firming of the breasts due to scar tissue.

  • Infection.

  • Poor healing—more common in smokers. *Reactions to anesthesia

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