Facelifts in Plano, TX

Facelifts in Plano, TX

A facelift or rhytidectomy can be confusing to understand for a lot of patients because there is so much information and misinformation available. Scott Harris, MD, offers patients a straightforward and honest approach to this procedure. We value our patients and ensure that we understand exactly what our patients want. In addition, we clarify the procedures and help our patients come up with realistic goals for all of our services.

What is a Facelift?

Facelifts are surgical procedures that help improve the appearance of the face and neck by removing loose skin at the cheeks and neck. These areas are especially prone to show the signs of natural aging, due to their constant exposure to the sun and environmental conditions. There are a few key steps to getting a facelift that is important for prospective patients to understand.

The Consultation

The first step that we take to identify if a facelift is right for you is conducting a consultation. We will ask health-related questions that can be critical to identify any potential side effects or complications, or the ability to heal properly, such as smoking.

During the consultation, our consulting staff will also spend some time ensuring that we understand what you hope to achieve from the procedure. Dr, Harris will also conduct a physical examination. During this examination, he will verify the issues that you see and identify other areas that can be improved with a facelift. Some patients can have unrealistic expectations about what to expect too. During these visits, we must work with you to let you know exactly what you should expect.

If everything checks out, we can then move to schedule your procedure!

The Procedure

You will be given anesthesia for your procedure. We will offer either general or local anesthesia. You will work with our staff to determine which option is best for you, or to listen to why we believe that one approach is more appropriate for you.

Once the anesthesia has been delivered, Dr. Harris will make the first incision. The location and length of incisions will depend on what approach we are using. A traditional facelift will make an incision along the temples, just in front of the ear, lower scalp, and under the chin. We can then sculpt, reposition, or redistribute fat, muscle, and skin to help improve facial appearance.

Other surgical approaches can be used for patients with varying needs, but your surgical staff will cover these.

Once Dr. Harris is satisfied with the results of shaping the internal tissues and fat, he will pull the skin into place and suture incisions. Excess skin is removed at this time. You must follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations about the healing process to reduce or eliminate scarring.

Although the location of the incisions is specifically designed to be naturally hidden, proper care can help to disguise any scarring further.

During your recovery, there are likely a number of different activities that you will be restricted from for a few weeks. Many patients are surprised at how active your facial tissue is in everyday activities. Patients should also be aware of wearing makeup until the incisions have been healed, as the makeup can potentially damage your results.


If you are considering a facelift to help hide wrinkles or other natural signs of aging, contact Scott Harris, MD in Plano, TX today to schedule your consultation (972) 736-9600. His staff has the experience, talent, and cutting-edge tools that you need to ensure you get the results you deserve.

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